Features & benefits:

  • Best in trade commissions

    Across all verticals – Hotels, Domestic Flights, International Flights
  • Complete flight & hotel solution

    13,500 hotels in India, 300,000 hotels abroad, 11 domestic carriers
  • Dedicated, 24x7 support

    Our support team is standing by to assist you with technical or travel related queries
  • Real time reporting

    Know how each branch or agent is doing. Find out what’s selling & what isn’t.

& much, much more...

Commissions are visible upfront before you book

You can even sort flights & hotels by the commission earned on each. Sharing your screen with a customer? Turn off commission display with a single click

Dynamic markup engine with ability to customize

Set markup rules for each product - as a percentage or flat fee. You can also change markups on-the-fly for a particular booking

Real time reports available for a number of parameters

Pull reports for business performance, booking details & more for any period of time. See data visualized in graphs or download it as raw numbers in excel or csv format


User management with permissions & roles built-in

Give separate accounts to your branches or agents. Assign them different roles & permissions. Store contact details against each user. You can also track individual performance


Import bookings made outside of AgentBox

Importing PNRs from Galileo AgentBox is very easy. You can then track these bookings from within AgentBox. They will be marked as “Imported PNR”


Sending quotations made real easy

If a walk-in customer enquires about a flight but isn’t sure about booking yet, print out a quotation on-the-spot. Then track quotations & convert them from the "Open itineraries" area.


Temporary bookings for international flights

Hold seats on international flights temporarily while you wait on your customer to confirm. Track them in a separate area & book when your customer is ready.


Manage customer details & booking history

AgentBox includes a mini CRM tool. Store customer information in one central place along with all transaction history. Now you can provide better customer service by being better informed.


Payments made simple and easily trackable

AgentBox lets you upload money to a deposit account. You or your users can then make bookings by debiting amounts from here - one account, one float, one reconciliation. What’s more, these payments don’t attract any processing fees.


Multi-city flight bookings made easy

Build multiple city itineraries and price them in one shot. You can book them together as well


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